Let there be light!

A R documentation website.


  • ugo_r_doc is a corpus: a catalog of books, manuals, articles, presentations, videos, podcasts, summaries, notes, code snippets, excerpts, websites, etc.
  • A Mkdocs site is automatically indexed. The ‘docs’ is a searchable knowledge-based system.
  • You type a keyword, it leads to several sources, you identify the document the source belongs to, and you go retrieve the document; whether it is a digital or a material document. Fast and easy!
  • For that matter, generously adding keywords to the ‘docs’ is crucial (adding them in subscript makes them stand apart).
  • Citations, keywords, links, etc.; they all provide leads.
  • The corpus is unstructured. There is no unique chapter dedicated to one topic.
  • Knowledge is rather cumulated, layer after layer, resulting in a hotchpotch of information.
  • Information may be repeted among many documents, with different explanations, or some more comprehensive.
  • Newer entries might also supplement or contradict older entries.